Dego runs through his go-to playlist of “euphoria, motivation and optimism”

Spanning the “king of soundscapes” to transformational first-time listens, Sydney producer Dego shares his ultimate playlist of “euphoria, motivation and optimism.” 

Dego is no stranger to sonic euphoria. The Sydney producer’s most recent single, Beneath, brims with the kind of lush instrumentation befitting of an escape into the wilderness. Intentionally evoking that feeling — with primal percussion and atmospheric synths — Dego said Beneath was borne out of “a camping trip I went on where I was fully immersed in nature.” The result, much like an exploratory stroll through the bush, is a feeling of “forgetting about life back home,” Dego explains. 

It’s a sonic palette Dego similarly accessed for the 2022 single REACH OUT, and one he’ll no-doubt dip into for the string of tracks he plans to release this year. Taking cues from contemporaries like Flume, Bicep and Four Tet — some of whom comprise his go-to playlist — Dego is intent on conveying euphoria and ecstasy through his music and, much like the expedition that inspired Beneath, taking listeners “on a journey through my music.

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Dego’s desire to let his audience’s “mind wander wherever it wants to go” is reflected in his playlist, with artists whom he says can convey a “range of emotions and feelings via sound.” Spanning the so-called “king of soundscapes” to transformational first-time listens, we sat down with Dego for a run through of his ultimate playlist of “euphoria, motivation and optimism.”  

Warm Thoughts – Flume

This song makes me feel warm every listen, becoming more and more nostalgic as the years go on, through Flume’s use of smooth vocals combined with the laid-back feel of the drums. I love the simplicity of the track and how Flume focuses on how these few elements interact with each other in a call and response manner to create conversations between sounds. This song is full of euphoria, motivation and optimism and is a perfect way to start the day. 

Unfolding – Etherwood

I had never heard of Etherwood before this track, but instantly I became a fan after one listen. This track touches my soul within the first five seconds through a beautiful arpeggio that ‘unfolds’ as the track progresses. Guided by dreamy vocals and driving drums, you’re hypnotized from start to finish as more elements are added and taken away, allowing you to slow down time and really live in the present moment. Pure bliss, never skipped it, gets better every listen.

Run – Tourist

I’ve never been so scared by the start of a song, then subsequently blessed with a melodic masterpiece in a matter of minutes. I love songs that play with your emotions, ones that can make you cry and smile at the same time. This song does that for me by taking you on a journey through time and space, one that will make you stop for a second and appreciate what you have for just a moment. Then just when you think its over, Tourist gives you a delightful outro that will give you goosebumps and cause you to reflect on everything that is life. 

Wear Me Down – Ross from Friends

Texture texture texture. Ross from Friends is the king of soundscapes and always delivers a new and fresh atmosphere in his tracks. Wear Me Down takes you to a cave/underwater setting through his lo fi textures and effects in conjunction with wonky percussion and a glorious array of random sounds to keep you engaged. I worship his attention to detail in all his songs, allowing you to uncover something new in each listen. Complimented by melancholy vocal samples and live instrumentation, this track is introspection at its finest.

I Just Want To Love You – Elkka

This song encapsulates the blend of rhythm and melody that I want to pursue in my tracks. The gentle vocal performance contrasted by energetic drums makes you want to dance with freedom but also embrace your loved ones. Elkka’s ability to seamlessly walk the line between danceable music and headphone listening is incredible. Let this one take you to the clouds and beyond.