Getting back to nature: a playlist by Lachlan Grant of Splendor

Words by Lachlan Grant of Splendor.

The universe is unfolding in divine order and it’s no secret that there has never been as many people walking the Earth as there are today. We are entering the age of Aquarius, also known as the age of revealing and spiritual awakening.

Unfortunately, we are heavily bombarded by major corporations with meaningless distractions vigorously capitalising on our ego’s crave for taste, appearance, and sexual desire.

Fortunately, you always have a choice.

splendor pristine getting back to nature playlist

You can choose to react to the lies being tossed at you or respond to how you are feeling in the present moment. If you are finding this hard, isolate yourself from distractions and get back to nature.

I believe everyone has a purpose that they were born to serve on planet Earth, follow your heart and you will find it. I created this playlist of songs as they have all helped me through some very difficult times.

Like many others, I am very sensitive. It really hurts to see how negativity can consume someone and as an artist, I feel I have a responsibility to spread and share positivity to everyone I am fortunate enough to reach.

Listen to Splendor’s new single Pristine here.