Lose yourself in the earthy rhythms of Splendor’s new single Pristine

Originally from New Zealand, singer-songwriter Lachlan Grant, otherwise known as Splendor, has spent the past number of years travelling the world, taking his music to any audience wise enough to listen.

The result is a unique brand of folk-rock that, much like its performer, feels well travelled. There’s an experience in these songs, and it makes for an incredibly endearing listen.

Pristine, the new video from singer-songwriter Splendor, is earthy and authentic – it exists outside of commercial pressures, and it thrives under such conditions.

On his new track Pristine, Splendor utilises his signature story-telling style of songwriting to tell the story of “someone who grew up in an isolated place. It reflects a story of finding inspiration in desire, determination and the motivation to discover salvation through self discovery.”

With an infectious groove underlying Grant’s catchy vocal melodies, the track feels authentic in every way – as if it exists purely to serve a greater purpose, as opposed to pandering to whatever musical trend is currently making money.

The song’s accompanying video sees Grant in various outdoor locations, embracing the best of nature – including deserts, oceans, and snow. You can even catch a glimpse of Grant snowboarding himself (in the white jacket).

Do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.