Get lost in the hypnotic sounds of A Broken Sail’s self-titled album

A Broken Sail describe their new self-titled album as “picking up where Shipping News and Aerial M left off…

And while they do adopt various characteristics of the progressive math-rock genre, the Sydney outfit take their material to a completely new space.

With their incredibly measured instrumentation, Sydney crew A Broken Sail create sprawling, hypnotic sounds that will crawl over your skin.

By melding elements of various genres, the group create sprawling and atmospheric instrumental soundscapes that will leave you in a strange trance, balancing on the fence between peacefulness and unease.

With their carefully considered instrumentation, the band never let you fall to either side… you’re left suspended above in a slightly unsettling calm.

The new album’s nine-minute-long opening track Adrift Alone, An Endless Ocean will stir within your body with droning guitars and weightless percussion.

Even on Reflection, the album’s shortest and punchiest track, the band still manage to generate a feeling of tranquility.

By the time album closer Tall Buildings Collide comes to its eleven minute conclusion, you’ll be left feeling mesmerised, unsure of which way is up. The most spectacular feeling of disorientation a record could possibly induce.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above.