Mehïga are masters of progressive rock on new single ‘Don’t Look Down’

Progressive rock trio Mehïga roar onto the airwaves with their teeth-baring new single Don’t Look Down. 

Mehïga have showcased their flair for progressive rock on blistering new single ‘Don’t Look Down’.

The eclectic track is difficult to pin down, flitting between moments of thunderous instrumentation to melodic riffs with breakneck brevity.

Mehiga single 'Don't Look Down'

It makes for a consistently engaging listen as the Birmingham trio roar onto the track with an infectious frenetic energy.

‘Don’t Look Down’ begins as an exercise in noisy revelry, complete with distorted guitars, raucous percussion and grungey basslines.

In these moments, Mehïga spotlight their penchant for rock’s darker corners, delivering a cathartic introduction that feels purpose-built for a commute home with the windows up. 

Refusing to be boxed into any one particular sound, it isn’t long before Mehïga sketch new contours of ‘Don’t Look Down’.

Mehiga single 'Don't Look Down'

After a teeth-bearing opener, the trio slow down proceedings with heavenly vocal harmonies and softer, fuzzier rock grooves.

It’s here that the track recalls the sunnier sounds of The Beatles or The Bee Gees — are mere moments after they were channelling heavy metal acts like Black Sabbath

To toe the line between hard and soft rock is no small feat, and elasticity of Don’t Look Down was intentional on Mehïga’s part.

According to the band, the track lyrically explores the feeling of being “loaded”, lulling with its fuzzier moments before shocking them into disorientation in its noise.

Mehiga single 'Don't Look Down'

The result is a cosmic journey through the band’s eclectic sound, and one that proves altogether enrapturing.

To pull off this versatility with such finesse would be an achievement for any act, but ‘Don’t Look Down’ is especially impressive given that it marks Mehïga’s second-ever single.

Their debut effort, ‘Go Where You Go’, arrived last July, and with the two singles as evidence, it’s clear Mehïga are only just getting started. 

What’s more, ‘Don’t Look Down’ was mastered by Prasheen Naran, who has elsewhere worked with Australian band Karnivool on their 2009 album ‘Sound Awake’

Listen to Mehïga’s new single ‘Don’t Look Down’.