Grim Tilla’s new EP Might Be Something will leave you feeling mesmerised

Walking into Grim Tilla’s new EP Might Be Something feels much like walking into a vast open space. His percussion and earthy guitars are like red sand, sprawling out beyond sight.

While the sparsity of his instrumentation may leave you feeling dehydrated at times, you’ll walk away from these five new tracks feeling completely rejuvenated.

Listening to Might Be Something, the new EP from Canberra’s Grim Tilla, is like embarking on a lengthy desert walk. It’s a trip I’d take a million times over.

Reminiscent of a Paris, Texas era Ry Cooder, the Canberra artist weaves characteristics of blues, jazz, and desert rock to create a unique, hazy sound that belongs entirely to himself.

Inspired by his time living in Central Australia, Grim Tilla paints detailed portraits of those expansive desert landscapes with textured, minimalist instrumentation.

With his raspy vocals and clever lyricism, the songwriter is a mesmerising presence as he saunters through the picturesque, uninhabited scenery.

Think I’m Ready is the EP’s droning and slow-burning opener, showcasing Grim Tilla’s uniquely endearing vocals and carefully considered guitar work.

As EP closer – and highlight – Eucaplypt Ghost draws the five tracks to a phenomenal close, you’ll be left wishing the EP could stretch on forever… and in a sense it does.

Luckily for you, you can go back and listen to Might Be Something as many times as you wish.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.