Della Chase brings weightless beauty with her new EP Heavy

Hailing from Philadelphia, singer-songwriter Della Chase presents Heavy, her new four track EP.

With a sound born of soul, pop and classical, Della fuses her influences with precision and finesse; the result being an artist with a stronger sense of self than most. 

Upon listening to the opening track Gone, it makes utter sense that Della has already found her music featured in indie film scores – (particularly in recent Ageless Love).

della chase

Gone is a lesson in dynamic execution, a simmering and enchanting plea for an escape from everything, including oneself. Reverbed guitar and a soft, cyclical drum groove create the stillness that Della craves, while she laments over her desire to disappear.

Insane steps things up, both in energy and in intent. If Gone is the desperation to be invisible, Insane is the sweeping desire to be seen. Conjuring a similar energy to Florence + The Machine’s Ship To Wreck, Insane highlights Della’s unique tone and range.

Following the precedent set by Insane, I Don’t Care takes things to a looser, even more unhinged place. Instantly relatable and singable, I Don’t Care is brash and fun and not a slither out of place on Heavy.

Della’s Riot Grrrl moment is immensely effective – with thick distorted bass and gang vocals screeching a chorus of raucous indignation. It’s thrilling to hear this side of Della, and leaves a longing for more of this particular musical face she wears so well. 

Closing with Truth, Della proves that she can dip her toes into almost any sonic river and come out with something concrete. Bringing back the same guitar tones of Gone, Truth feels like perhaps one of Della’s most authentic offerings.

Maybe it’s within the direct and diplomatic lyricism, or the steady build that Heavy as a whole has created, reaching its pinnacle with a subtle, understated energy.

There’s a tinge of Rilo Kiley in Truth, in the drama that bubbles beneath the surface and the effortlessness in which Della delivers her closing words. 

Heavy is a pivotal release; carefully ordered and presented, it feels as if these songs have been created and chosen with care.

Della Chase knows exactly who she is and what she’s doing, an artist fit for flight to wherever it is she wishes to soar. 

Stream Heavy Below. 

Review By Caitlin Norris