‘Demon’s Souls’: watch a new gameplay trailer with an extra spicy Flamelurker

A new gameplay trailer for the Demon’s Souls remake has been released, showing off many of the modern improvements made to the 2009 game.

With the PS5’s November 12th release date being so close, the Demon’s Souls remake has emerged as a premier launch title for Sony’s newest console. The remake is being developed by Bluepoint Games, known for their work on the Shadow of the Colossus remake and several remasters of famed PlayStation titles.

From what can be seen with the new trailer, the 2020 version of Demon’s Souls looks set to remind Soulslike players of the genre’s true heritage dating back to 2009. In five minutes, we get to see a Boletaria with a major facelift in virtually every single facet.

Demons Souls Remake Church
Image: Bluepoint Games/SIE Worldwide Studios

Of note in the recent gameplay trailer are new backstab animations depending on weapon type, increased clarity with one of the original game’s more frustrating bosses the Armored Spider, and some general flexing of the PS5’s immense power.

In an interview with Polygon’s Michael McWhertor, creative director Gavin Moore confirmed that while the game’s presentation will be updated to the next-gen standard including the re-recording of the game’s music, there will be options to make the remake feel more like the original through the usage of filters and the option to use the original camera system.

One of the original game’s most controversial features, World Tendency, will be back, albeit in an amended form. World Tendency was the original game’s difficulty modifier, swinging between black or white, with the former offering harder enemies but better loot and the latter having easier enemies but less valuable rewards.

World Tendency could be shifted fairly intuitively if playing offline, but the large player base online could result in it being unpredictable. The new UI will reflect World Tendency more clearly, a welcome feature for all, but especially for newer players.

In perhaps the game’s biggest change, Moore also confirmed that rolling will no longer be confined to the original four directions, with eight directions now possible.