Design a new microphone with Aston’s Project Element

Aston is in the process of developing the world’s first community-designed microphone, the Element.

During the months from May to July, you yourself will be able to vote on what Aston’s new microphone will sound like by listening to audio snippets and voting on what sounds best.Aston Project Element

Aston’s new Element microphone will be the first mic to be designed by the community. You can take part in the process from May through July.

There will be different voting stages throughout the months, and at each stage, the voting will take place through a blind-listen to different prototypes of the mic, alongside competitors’ mics.

The recordings will be 5 takes from different sound sources—a male vocal, a female vocal and an acoustic guitar, and participants will have to rate the different sounds from worst to best.

To participate, you need to own a DAW as well as good quality studio speakers or headphones. The listening process will be blind so there can be no bias involved. Aston will continue the testing process until the Element mic is consistently voted the best sounding microphone in the voting.

If being able to collaborate on designing your dream microphone wasn’t incentive enough to participate, participants will also be able to pre-order the final product with a 25% discount.

More info can be found on the project Element website.