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Test out the sounds of microphones in this awesome virtual showroom

In a world-first, Audio Test Kitchen has created an online virtual microphone showroom, where you can compare the sounds of hundreds of condenser microphones for free.

Founded by Alex Oana and Ian Hlatky, the platform allows users to select which microphone they’d like to test and then do so by listening to a prerecorded track, played either by an entire band or by single instruments or vocals.audio test kitchen

Ever wanted to learn more about the nuances of microphones? Audio Test Kitchen is the first-ever virtual showroom which allows you to compare the sounds of 300 mics.

There’s plenty to explore on the platform, with graphic representations of the decibel levels captured by the different microphones, as well as a section where you can see notes written by other users. There’s also a list of the various microphone specs, from diaphragm size to signal-to-noise ratio, to frequency response, and more.

There’s also a “blind mode” where you can test your ears by comparing the microphones without knowing which one is which.

Mic manufacturers, DPA, played a big role in the project, helping to create unbiased listening environments throughout the recording process. To do so, every large-diaphragm microphone was recorded under identical conditions and at the same time, the DPA mics were recorded as a reference point to make sure the source never changed.

Audio Test Kitchen paid particular attention to honouring the designs of the microphones, as well as the “blood, sweat, and tears,” the manufacturers had poured into the products. Describing the process Oana commented:

“DPA’s attention to the smallest of details is now cascading into Audio Test Kitchen’s users’ ability to hear the true personality of the 250 large condenser-style mics”.

To test out the microphones for yourself, head over to the Audio Test Kitchen website.