This interactive guitar pickup shootout video is the easiest way to compare guitars

Hunting around for a new guitar can be a painful experience. The online vocabulary for equipment is excruciatingly convoluted, written by gear-fiends attempting to grasp at words that accurately describe sonics.

The process of going into a guitar store to try out different models isn’t much better. You’re rushed. You play through amps you’ve never heard of before. There’s some shredder in the corner struggling  their way through Stairway To Heaven, and when you walk out of the store you’re usually more confused about what to buy than when you walked in.

Reverb.com have made a huge step towards rectifying this quandary that every guitarist goes through at least once on their lifetime: identifying exactly what different guitars sound like.

guitar pickup shootout

The folks over at Reverb.com have put together an insanely comprehensive interactive guitar pickup shootout video and buying a guitar has never been easier.

They have put together a comprehensive, interactive video-guide to how different guitar pickups sound. It’s basically the perfect way to A/B test different models with ease and clarity, free from distractions and vague adjectives.

In the video you can click through to different model pickups at any time, switching between bridge and neck, dirty and clean. All settings play the same riff through the same amp (a Fender Bassman-style combo) and each clip transitions through to the next model seamlessly.

Essentially you can click play, close your eyes and let the video run through, and when you hear your favourite pickup, open the video to see what it is.

It’s also a great resource for beginner guitarists for understanding the different characteristics of different models; the video is accompanied by a quick run-down of each pickup type too.

Of course, there are many other factors that affect the overall tone of a guitar. But this is definitely the best resource we’ve ever seen for accurately comparing pickups.

Check it out below:

[via Enmore Audio]