Behold the genesis of Aphex Twin’s iconic logo straight from the original designer’s 1991 sketchbook

A few weeks ago we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Selected Ambient Works 85-92, the groundbreaking Aphex Twin debut record often credited with the invention of IDM.

We weren’t the only ones celebrating. Paul Nicholson aka Number 3, who originally designed the Aphex Twin logo which ran on the cover of SAW 85-92, has been releasing scans from his notebook from the time of the record’s release. The sketches reveal the beginnings of what became a symbol forever associated with the music of Aphex Twin.

aphex twin logo happy number 3 paul nicholson

How did the Aphex Twin logo come to be? The original designer has revealed sketches detailing the thought process behind the simple yet iconic symbol.

Here are some of the designs Nicholson originally posted two weeks ago:

While these were obviously taken from when the design was being finalised, the more recent posts from Nicholson show some actual sketchbook scans from what was a more proto-logo:

Find more Aphex-related designs on Number 3’s Instagram.

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