Gorillaz announce Demon Dayz, their very own festival. Can you guess who’s headlining?

Your favourite raunchy, animated musos the Gorillaz have just announced what will be their first live show since 2010, a headline performance at the inaugural edition of Demon Dayz, a festival conceived by 2D, Murloc, Noodle and Russel themselves.

The single day festival will take place in Margate, England on June 10 this year, so it’s a little far from Aussie shores. Regardless, any Gorillaz news is good news, and the fact that they’re returning to live shows after seven years really gets the blood pumping.

gorillaz happy mag demon dayz

The future is coming on: Gorillaz have announced Demon Dayz, the first incarnation of their yearly festival and their first live performance since 2010.

The cherry on the top of this proverbial cake is the festival venue. Demon Dayz will be taking place at the Dreamland Amusement Park, with free access to rides.

Fortunately for us across the pond though, the whole event will be broadcast live via Red Bull TV.

Watch Hallelujah Money below, the leading single off their upcoming 2017 featuring Benjamin Clementine on vocals.