This app tests how unique your listening habits are. How do you compare to the rest of the world?

Ever wanted to know how unique your music taste was? Obscurify is an app that gives you a score based on how obscure your taste is by accessing data from your Spotify listening history.

It also shows you how ‘energetic’ or ‘danceable’ your tracks are, either currently or throughout history, and lets you make playlists of your most listened to songs. Which, funnily enough, Spotify actually can’t do by itself.

Obscurify lets you compare how unique your music tastes are against the rest of the world, as well as giving you the low-down on the ‘happiness’, ‘energy’ and ‘danceability’ of your songs.

For example, I scored 142 compared to a global average of 174 – the lower the score, the more obscure. My top genres included indietronica, neo-psychedelic, Aussietronica and deep Australian indie.

Some of my top tracks of all time include Out Again by Fangirl, Hold On by The Money War and Miss Smith by a French band called Moodoïd.  

The “happiness” rating for my current songs is 1.2% higher than the country’s average, while “acousticness” is really low at 52.4% beneath the country average. 

Based on these stats, Obscurify recommended I listen to Dopamine by DIIV and Said Goodbye to Your Mother by Vera Blue.


Check out Obscurify here. Call it either the ultimate hipster validation, or a reminder of how bland you are. We’re kidding – you’re beautiful whatever you listen to.