PREMIERE: Soupy LaRue lament heartbreak, indecision and youthful naivety in Worried Man Blues

You may be worried now but you won’t be worried for long. Once you get a hit of Soupy LaRue’s new song Worried Man Blues, that is.

Heartbreak, feeling like you’re living in the past and the naivety that comes with youth are just some of the things Soupy LaRue lament in Worried Man Blues, which has been released ahead of their new EP that comes out on Halloween.

After listening to Soupy LaRue’s new “cowpunk” single Worried Man Blues, you’ll feel like a cowboy singing the blues away in an old country tavern.

Their sound is country and rustic, driven by a reggae beat and syncopated rhythms that weave in and out of each other.

By the time the first chorus hits you, you’ll feel like a gunslinger singing the hurt away in the local saloon. If that’s your vibe (it’s ours).

In addition to the single, Soupy LaRue have also released a teaser for the videoclip. It looks to be a creeping thriller, stacked with ominous looking characters hanging out in water pipes.

The video will be dropped with the Soupy LaRue EP . Watch the worry-inducing trailer below.

Worried Man Blues is out now on all streaming platforms.

The Soupy LaRue EP is available from October 31.