PREMIERE: Blues, country and a little bit of punk: wrap your ears around the Soupy LaRue EP

Soupy LaRue debut with an impressive new EP that weaves through imaginative stories about heartbreak, regret, and praising the cannibal god in their wacky “punktry” style.

The jangly and jovial Next Door Stranger opens the EP, inviting us to listen to Soupy’s story of moving into a new home and developing more than just a little interest in his neighbour.

soupy larue EP

Soupy LaRue and his gang weave through tales of cannibalism, being down on love and hanging for some human flesh to eat, all in the band’s quirky “punktry” style on their new EP.

The longer you listen to this song, the more those happy overtones start to give you a creepy vibe, particularly by the time you get to hearing ,“You don’t even know you’re mine” – do we even have a choice here, mate?

The bluesier TEETH opens with a guitar that makes you feel like you’re on the set of a gun-slinging adventure, about to face off the town bully. That is, until you find out the song is actually about cannibalism and indulging on human flesh.

Worried Man Blues is a “shit-kicking-anger-stomp” for the heartbroken and love-anxious. Soupy laments the day he saw his girl leave him in the most dramatic way possible – on board a train to another mid-Western mining town, with him desperately running after her.

Baby I’m No Good is a slowed down, bluesy and gritty heartbreak ballad, with Soupy lamenting that he’s “no good” right into our ears with his husky voice.

Then we’re onto the melancholic instrumental Home is Where The Heart Was. This is one of those songs you play towards the end of a wild night, when the party has died down and you’re sitting on your own, contemplating your own hopeless romantic situation.

TEETH II is infused with a little more of a foreign flavour and some impressive vocal harmonising, as Soupy and his boys sing their praises to the cannibalistic “lord of all creation.” We’ll just leave you with that image.

Soupy LaRue’s EP is an impressive collection of vividly-told stories about stalkers, human flesh, regret and heartbreak. Keep on keepin’ on, dudes.


The Soupy LaRue EP is out now.