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“Ferocious and intelligent”: Dead Sea drop their debut single, Antimatter

Leading up to the release of their debut Self Aware EP, Perth based trio Dead Sea take grunge with both hands and give it brand new life. Kicking off the ruckus, Dead Sea has dropped their irresistibly dark debut single, Antimatter.

“Searingly intense and catchy, their debut EP Self Aware is both ferocious and intelligent – a caustic bliss of riffs, hooks and rhythms.”

Dead Sea’s debut single Antimatter summons the fuzz-laden joy of grunge and takes it to the anthemic realm of truly unforgettable hooks and brutally cathartic lyricism.

Perth dwelling trio, Dead Sea make the perfect introduction with Antimatter. The debut single presents the groups’ unforgettable ability to combine a searing explosion of sound, with punchy, yet evocative melodies that won’t leave you once they’ve landed.

“Like all good trios, Boden Hay, Sam Forward and James Langland make more out of less; a solid sound that feels lacking in nothing. Wielding incendiary tone and anthemic songwriting, at the heart of every Dead Sea chorus is a melody strong enough to survive a hurricane of guitars unscathed.”

The completely out of this world debut track from Dead Sea may be attributed to the eclectic background of the trio. Boden Hay’s direction in his music has been heavily influenced by the alternative rock era that had its iconic peak in the 90’s. This combined with the influence of Cursed Earth drummer, Sam Forward and Idle Eyes bassist James Langlands, the group has created a truly one of a kind release.

“Produced by Brody Simpson and Mark McEwen at Underground Studios, Antimatter is the kind of song that gives you goosebumps – from its soaring vocals to the sheer inferno of guitar, bass and drums around them. With each listen, it works deeper into your soul. A near-perfect slice of alternative rock, Antimatter is the quintessential introduction to Dead Sea.

Listen to Antimatter below!