“When I feel something there, I just write:” Cholson chats ‘Truck N Boots and songwriting

Earlier this year we were treated to the husky vocals and rich harmonicas of Truck N Boots, the debut single from NSW singer-songwriter Cholson.

Coasting on slide guitars and the vivid imagery of Cholson’s songwriting, the humble track establishes the musician as one of Australia’s most promising country acts. 

“When I feel something there, I just write,” Cholson said when he swung by Happy Mag for an interview.

Cholson interview

Below, we dig deep into the genesis of Truck N Boots with the artist who created it, for an insightful chat about songwriting, this influence of his dad’s music, and balancing creative and professional pursuits.

Catch our full interview with Cholson below, and scroll down to listen to his new single Truck N Boots.    


HAPPY: What are you up to today?

CHOLSON: Today I’m just relaxing and unwinding at home after returning from a big weekend at the CMC festival in Qld.

HAPPY: Tell us a little about where you live, what do you love about it?

CHOLSON: I grew up down Southern NSW, in Shellharbour, which is roughly 30min south of Wollongong. It was a great area to be brought up in, nestled between the coast and the bush which I hold great love for.

Throughout my childhood the outdoor activities of this area provided endless amounts of fun for a kid and a teenager as I grew older. I’m currently living in Sydney, which is rather convenient for my work situation right now.

It provides me a faster commute being closer to the airport, as I’m presently still in a FIFO role. Other than work, it holds other great benefits including being close to a lot of music events held in Sydney and surrounding suburbs.


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HAPPY: Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that sparked your passion for music?

CHOLSON: When I was young, I was strongly influenced from my dad’s music. As a six year old kid, I would jump around the house whilst using a squash racket to pretend I was shredding on guitar.

He would play all sorts of different artists and bands and even took me along to a few concerts. I always loved music from an early age.

HAPPY: How do you approach the songwriting process? Is there a specific method or routine you follow?

CHOLSON: I’m still learning and navigating my way through song-writing, although, I try to recognise and write down or voice record myself when I have a nice melody or some cool lyrics which have popped into my head.

I use these and sometimes it helps build foundations for a song to write.


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HAPPY: What inspired you to create your debut single “Truck N Boots”, and what message do you hope listeners will take away?

CHOLSON: My debut single was inspired purely from working away in a FIFO job role. I was able to use my experiences of missing family, friends, pets and the sacrifice of a more “traditional life” to create the track.

I hope it resonates with everyone who at times may have to work away from their loved ones, and just bring awareness to those who may be suffering as a result of being in a similar situation.

HAPPY: “Truck N Boots” has a strong emotional pull. Is your music primarily inspired by personal experiences, or do you draw inspiration from a wider range of sources?

CHOLSON: Most of the songs I’ve written have been inspired through personal experiences involving myself and others.

Although I don’t think I’m entirely limited to this, and I’m sure in the future I will more than likely draw inspiration from other sources. When I feel something there, I just write. 

HAPPY: Are there any rituals or habits you have before going on stage or entering the recording studio?

CHOLSON: I’m still very early in my career but I haven’t really noticed myself act out any unusual habits prior to performing or recording quite yet haha. I’ll have to get back to you!

HAPPY: With “Truck N Boots” establishing a strong foundation, what can fans expect from your future music? Are you working on a full album?

CHOLSON: Fans can definitely expect more music! I have another single coming out very soon and another project thereafter on the horizon. I plan to get to work! 

Cholson interview

HAPPY: What are your biggest aspirations as a musician? Are there specific artists you’d love to collaborate with, or stages you dream of performing on?

CHOLSON: It’s hard to go past some of the current leading big names like, Morgan Wallen, Chris Stapleton, Tyler Childers, Zach Bryan.

If I ever had the chance to play with any of these people and so many others unnamed it would be incredible. For stages I’d dream of performing at, it’s hard to go past, ‘The Grand Ole Opry House’, Nashville.

Or the ‘Red Rock Amphitheatre’, Colorado. This would be a dream come true. Mostly id love to simply be able to create and play music that people can enjoy, relate to and most of all, sing-a-long to as well.

HAPPY: What do you think sets live performances apart from recorded music, and do you have a preference for one over the other?

CHOLSON: I love the process of recording music. The feeling of hearing a new project coming together is awesome. Using different instruments and creating different layers to a track is also a whole lot of fun.

Then once it’s released, you’re able to see how it’s then received from your listeners. I also think it’s awesome that with today’s technology and music platforms, you’re able to reach a larger audience.

People who may not necessarily enjoy that particular genre are able to listen to singular songs of a yours with ease. Live performances are a completely different way of an audience receiving music.

During a live performance the audience is able to connect with a performer through many avenues including, greater emotions, lyrics, vibrations, atmosphere and of course the music. It can change the way you feel about the song if heard live.

It may amplify its meanings in a more significant way. They definitely both have their place for artists and audiences but for myself, you can’t replicate the feeling of performing live for people who are enjoying and losing themselves in the music.

Cholson interview

HAPPY: Finally, any words of encouragement for aspiring musicians out there chasing their own musical journeys?

CHOLSON: It’s never too late! If you truly want it, go after it. It will take time, although tou have to ask if the juice is worth the squeeze. Will you regret it if you never tried?

HAPPY: What makes you happy?

CHOLSON: I love to sing. I love to share my music. When people are vibing with what brings me happiness then I’m as happy as Larry.