Devo release ‘Energy Dome’ face shield to help fight COVID-19

Rock legends Devo are selling their iconic energy dome hats but with a COVID19 twist: a plastic face shield for extra protection against the virus.

The stars behind Whip It have released the new face masks to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Devo’s world-famous headgear.

Rock icons Devo have created ‘energy dome’ face masks, inspired by the helmets worn in the music video for their MTV smash hit Whip It.

The masks are just one part of a full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Kit released by the group in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which includes two cotton-ply face masks along with the full-face energy dome shield.

The description on Devo’s website states the shield attaches via velcro – “It’s simple and it’s safe!

The description also explains the science behind the shield, stating that it “collects energy that escapes from the crown of the human head and pushes it back into the medulla oblongata for increased mental energy.”

To further commemorate the 40th anniversary of the energy dome, Devo co-founder Jerry Casale also released a statement to clarify misconceptions about the original headgear.” Although they have been mistaken for flower pots, dog bowls, car urinals, lampshades, and eventually relegated specifically for the use at holiday parties, these holy totems were actually designed with a more important purpose in mind.” he stated.

He went on to state that the headgear was designed “According to the ancient ziggurat mound proportions used in votive worship. Like the mounds, it collects energy and recirculates it.”

Stay safe and pre-order Devo’s energy dome shield on Impact Merch now.