Dial 1-800-HotlineBlink for this Drake / Blink-182 mashup

It seems like every man and his dog is keen to give Drake‘s Hotline Bling a red hot go, from covers by Art of Sleeping and Sufjan Stevens to, well, whatever Donald Trump did on SNL a few weeks back. Not to mention all the glorious memes and gifs that have surfaced poking fun at the song’s music video. So it’s only natural someone out there would be keen to mash Hotline Bling up with Blink-182‘s seminal sad tune Adam’s Song. At times like this we can only thanks the good Lord the internet exists.

drake blink-182 mashup

YouTube user Doctor Brixx has made a name for himself mashing up songs and posting them to his channel. Whether it be All Time Low and Jay Sean, or Natasha Bedingfield and The Used, the good doctor has been mashing up tracks since 2011. Better watch out mate, the man will shut you down like they did with Majestic Casual.

The mash up has been available as a free download from the Doctor Brixx channel if you so desire it. And while you’re on YouTube you may as well check out former Blink-182 guitarist / vocalist Tom DeLonge speaking about aliens at length, it’s awesome.