Dial Denial chat their new EP and performing with Hockey Dad

Dial Denial chat the Northern Beaches music scene, their new EP, and performing with Hockey Dad

Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Dial Denial belt out a blistering brand of pop-punk music. With frantic guitar riffs, thunderous percussion, pounding basslines, and flailing vocal hooks, their music pays tribute to punk music of the past, while signposting its future.

This is why we invited them along to play our upcoming Underproof show alongside Aussie music heroes Hockey Dad. But before they take the stage of Dee Why PCYC, we caught up with the band for a chat.

Before they play alongside Hockey Dad at Underproof on June 28th, we caught up with Northern Beaches four-piece Dial Denial for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

DIAL DENIAL: Hey, thanks for asking, we’re good. At the moment we are practising, writing songs and trying to promote our EP Child Like Wonder without trying to look like shameless sell-outs ;)

HAPPY: Tell us about yourselves. How did the band start out?

DIAL DENIAL: We are Fergus, Owen, Justin and Bailey. Owen and Justin met when they were young. They are brothers. They met Bailey at school. They met Fergus doing a Big Music program and found we had a similar passion for music. We fantasise about making a living out of it and decided to form a band before we get too old. We’re aged between 13 and 15.

HAPPY: For new fans, what’s the band elevator pitch?

DIAL DENIAL: We’re a band who like elevators (see our film clip on Youtube here). How many floors does the building have? – we’re a band who put passion and emotion into our pop punk music that we love creating. We combine teen angst with a stupid sense of humour.

HAPPY: Give us a little bit of a vibe on your live show. What’s the setup like?

DIAL DENIAL: Our live shows involve a lot of jumping around, head banging, hair flicking and a bit of screaming. We poke a lot of fun at each other and love crowd interaction.

HAPPY: What do you love about the scene around the Northern Beaches at the moment?

DIAL DENIAL: It’s delicious! But seriously, it is awesome that there is a lot of support for live music on the Northern Beaches. Shout out to KALOF, Northern Beaches Council and, of course, you guys at Happy Mag for giving young artists like us a huge chance to play on such a great gig. Underproof is an epic idea and we are stoked to be part of it.

HAPPY: Which other bands are you listening to right now?

DIAL DENIAL: Hockey Dad of course! Hellions, Blink 182, Neck Deep, Paramore.

HAPPY: Very soon you’ll be playing the Underproof show with Hockey Dad, are you psyched? Anything special planned?

DIAL DENIAL: We are hella psyched to be playing with Hockey Dad at the Underproof show. Stay tuned for our cheery little number about the Apocalypse – it’s a riot.

HAPPY: Tell us about what else you have coming up?

DIAL DENIAL: We have a gig in Newcastle at the Wicko on 17th of July in Newcastle which is exciting.

Underproof Lineup

Hockey Dad
The Brights
Dial Denial
Monkey Knife Fight

Fri 28 June – Dee Why PCYC – Tickets