Purple Pilgrims’ Two Worlds Apart is an angelic and otherworldly hymn

There’s something otherworldly about New Zealand sister duo Valentine and Clementine Nixon, AKA Purple Pilgrims. It’s ethereal pop that transports you to another time.

Ahead of the release of their sophomore album Perfumed Earth, the duo have released a spellbinding new single Two Worlds Apart, a seductive and spacious slow dive into a distant space.

Kiwi sister duo Purple Pilgrims have released Two Worlds Apart, a mesmerising and hypnotic first taste of their upcoming album.

Purple Pilgrims released their debut album Eternal Delight in 2016, a, hazy compilation that the duo described as “ancient imagery expressed through a modern lens – folk songs played on synthesized instruments.” 

They followed this up with the release of their 2017 single Drink The Juice, another angelic, synth-laden hymn.

Taking a bit of a different direction to their previous releases, the pulsating rhythms that drive Drink The Juice are replaced with hollow, cutting electric guitars in Purple Pilgrims’ swooning new single Two Worlds Apart. This release is the first taste from their upcoming album Perfumed Earth, and marks their debut with independent Kiwi label, Flying Nun.

The Nixon sister’s intertwined vocals soar and seduce, radiating spectrums of archetypal experience; journeys, longing, and homecomings. The result is a haunting soundscape that shimmers with kaleidoscopic textures. Their ethereal folk style and classical voices transport you to a unique nexus of paradise and isolation, beauty and blankness, ritual and the right now.

Purple Pilgrims’ sophomore album Perfumed Earth will be released via Flying Nun Records on the 9th of August. If the rest of the album is anything like Two Worlds Apart, it’s sure to be a stunning collection of serenades.