Introducing the hazy, late night balladry of Moon Brain

Emerging as a solo artist from the throes of indie heroes Nantes and Jonathan Boulet, Moon Brain is the brainchild of Sydney-based artist David Rogers.

After dropping a self-titled mini album back in September 2017, Moon Brain has returned with a brand new track in Disguise Despised. With threads of New Order and a smattering of David Lynch haze, it’s the perfect accompaniment to even the moodiest of midnight strolls.

moon brain music

Drop the needle and dim the lights on Moon Brain, a Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist weaving exceptionally produced late night ballads.

Somewhat of a self-imposed call to action, Rogers described Disguise Despised as so:

“This song lyrically embodies the idea of learning how to let go; how to forget about everything for a moment and doing whatever you need to, to find some grounding, amidst our battles of insecurity.”

Rogers played all the instrumental parts on the track save for the drums, which were covered by Joe Clegg when the song was laid down at Pool Studios in London. It’s tough to pick a line that drives the track, rather each moment seems to run in tandem like the cogs of a thrumming machine.

Clegg’s percussion is as tight as a nail and chugs along relentlessly, while Rogers’ vocals and that incredible guitar line in the chorus provide the mood and build the sentiment. Altogether it’s an enthralling listen, one that’s well worth losing yourself within.


Moon Brain is launching Disguise Despised tonight (March 12) at The Bank Hotel in Sydney with Goodside as support. The gig is free, check out all the details here.