Diana Anaid sets her sights on the Australian rock cannon with My Queen

After a number of years between drinks, Diana Anaid closed off 2017 by releasing her terrific album My Queen. Since then she’s jumped back on the tour bus, closing off a number of dates around Australia.

And she doesn’t intend to stop any time soon. With the album and newest single Better Girl in tow, she’s plotted four key shows down the east coast.

diana anaid tour my queen better girl

Diana Anaid returns with My Queen and Better Girl, a collection of instant classics that bear no anchors to time, place, or the indeed the judgement of anyone but the artist.

My Queen is an amalgamation of classic rock masterminds which you can’t help but marvel at. After connecting with producer Steve James (The Jam, Sex Pistols, Cold Chisel), the two began to piece together a team consisting of Tim Young (Madonna, Massive Attack) on mastering duties, and artist Nick Egan (INXS, The Clash) on the album visuals, to name a few.

For Anaid’s vision was of a classic rock album produced in the present day. Like the most evocative records from the ’60s and ’70s, My Queen would stand aside from the usual flow of time, an album to retain relevance no matter what decade you belonged to.

It’s a bold vision to encompass, but one suited to an artist of Anaid’s pedigree. Her command of rhythm, lyric, and melody are as strong as ever on My Queen, whether it’s on the heartsick ruminations of Can’t Apologise or the ruthless Wish You Well.

Better Girl holds completely true to the album’s modus operandi – if you told me that it was released anytime between the 1970s and today, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

For those who want to catch Diana Anaid playing through My Queen in the flesh, find her tour dates below. Full details and tickets available here.

Better Girl Tour

Fri 18 May – Caravan Music Club, Melbourne
Thurs 24 May – Hotel Cambridge, Newcastle
Fri 25 May – Smiths Alternative, Canberra
Sat 26 May – The Factory Floor, Sydney