What Do You Mean? Diane Keating stars in Bieber’s new music video

An unlikely alliance has been forged between pop star Justin Bieber and film legend Diane Keaton, with the pair teaming up in new music video.

Nope…you read that right. The 75-year-old Academy Award winner has offered up her acting skills to pop music icon, Justin Bieber.

On Wednesday Keaton took to social media, posting a video of her and the Biebs in his upcoming music video for 2021 track Ghost.

Diane Keaton and Justin Bieber
Source- Vogue

It is fair to say that Diane Keaton is a bit of a Belieber, captioning the post in all caps:


Justin also shared the video which has now received up to 4 million views.

Throughout the video Keaton stars beside Bieber in two main settings. The first is overlooking water on a bluff with Justins arm around the actress.

The second, appears to be the pair dancing in some sort of restaurant or bar environment.

Keaton is also seen standing alone on a bench and in a kitchen, leaving fans to wonder what the story is all about.


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Although an unexpected duo, Keaton has not held back when it comes to her admiration for Bieber.

Appearing on Ellen in 2017 the acting sensation gushed about the heartthrob before being surprised by him on stage.

After giving Bieber a goodbye kiss on the cheek Keaton turned to Ellen and jokingly said, “That’s real beauty…do you think he’ll ask me out later.”

In the past Keaton has been associated with some of Hollywood’s leading men. All of which have quite a number of years on Bieber. They include Warren Beatty, Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino.

Justin secretly married, now wife and renowned model, Hailey Bieber in 2018 before holding a ceremony in late 2019.

It is hard to say whether the performance will outshine Keaton’s three Oscar nominations, but you can decide for yourself!

The video premiered today at 2pm (AEST):