Did Golden Vessel just spill the beans on some future collaborations? We can only hope so

Golden Vessel is a bit of a prodigy. The moniker of 19 year old Brisbane producer Max Byrne, it’s the kind of title that evokes a sense floating, gliding, brushing gently atop a phantasm of sparkling rapids; which is exactly what his music makes you feel like. As a producer, it’s only natural that Byrne leans towards collaboration, using his own technical dexterity to provide the foundations for other artists to thrive on. The latest of these alliances was with Gold Coast sweethearts Lastlings who Byrne worked with to produce the magical single Never Know. This followed up his collaboration from a few months back with another Gold Coast musician, Tom Eggert from MTNS.

Golden Vessel

Max Byrne, aka Golden Vessel, takes us through some of his favourite local musicians. We can only hope a few are in the works for future collaborations.

It’s through these collaborations that Byrne makes his statement within the musical world, showing off his chops as a producer, but then taking everything to a whole new level through wonderful partnerships. Speaking about working with the brother/sister combo that is Lastlings, Byrne remembers heading to the duo’s family home in the Gold Coast hinterlands with only a basic melody and piano part to play with. Work began with Byrne developing his beats and instrumentals while Lastlings singer Amy Dowdle started developing her vocals.

“I think I was channeling that beautiful drive out to Amy & Josh’s home into the song; windows open, cruising down long windy roads on a warm summer’s day, through the beautiful lush Queensland landscape,” Byrne recalls.

It’s clear that Golden Vessel has an affinity for local artists, not having to look far to find the perfect accompaniment for his delicate, wistful production. We reached out to ask Byrne who some of his favourite local musicians are, in hope of uncovering a glimpse into the future. The following could very well be a list of forthcoming collabs. We can only hope.

Machine Age

This guy is literally a machine and not only are his songs great but his live show is extremely captivating and mind-blowing. The man also tours for Darling James and Banff so he’s always on the road and having a good time.

OK Badlands

I’m producing these guys’ EP and working with them has been the best. They’ve got a really lovely sound that is extremely diverse and their live show is really fun.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Tim has been working on his album for ages but he’s about to blow minds in the coming months.


Azura is an amazing writer and her sound seems to sit perfectly between Youth Lagoon and Wafia making for some killer dreamy yet electronic songs.


These guys are in the same boat as VSC, they’ve been mulling over and writing new material for years, but when they drop it, people are gonna froth.

If you want to catch Golden Vessel doing his thing live, you can see him on the following dates:

Sunday, May 1 – SPOT ON Vol.2 The Flying Cock, Brisbane
Friday, May 20 – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/Vera Blue
Sunday, June 26 – NightQuarter, Gold Coast
Thursday, June 30 – The Foundry, Brisbane
Friday, July 1 – Banquet @ The World Bar, Sydney
Friday, July 8 – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne