Need a break from real world? Drift away from it all with Lastlings on Unreality

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Fresh onto the scene, brother / sister duo Lastlings have sent shockwaves through the net with their ethereal and translucent soundscapes. Not only have the duo won the lottery in the gene pool (seriously, check out their Instagram page), but their creations are just as alluring and attractive as they are. After months of teasing on social media, the siblings have finally released their mini collection of tunes titled, Unreality.

Lastlings unreality ep

Need a break from the stresses of everyday life? Lastlings will take you to another world filled with gorgeous vocals, lush synths and washy guitars on Unreality.

Inspired by their surroundings in the Gold Coast, Unreality is driven by nature-influenced sound bytes, delicate strokes of guitar, and intricately layered synths which are accompanied by Amy’s ghostly and hypnotising vocals. The amazing thing about it is, the entire EP was recorded and produced by the siblings themselves, with a helping hand from fellow Unearthed artist and producer GOVS (a.k.a. Josiah Birrell). The trio certainly make an extraordinary team, as their last three collaborations have been home-runs with their audiences.

To the multilingual readers out there who understand Japanese (or simply turn to good ol’ reliable, Google Translate like me), then you know just from the opening sequence, ~IRIGUCHI~ that this EP has been carefully crafted to lead us into another dimension. As ‘iriguchi’ means ‘entrance’ in Japanese, Unreality basically serves as the siblings’ invitation to their version of reality. The first few seconds of ~IRIGUCHI~ reminded me of The Wizard of OZ, featuring the sound of thunder rumbling before the storm. Instead of getting ripped apart by a tornado, we’re greeted by Amy’s gentle and wispy vocals, caressing our faces like the cool air in this horrid, humid weather.

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Unreality isn’t just another EP, it is a gateway towards a mystical realm filled with wonders. With lush tones and hush voices, each track within this EP provides an elaborate storyline for the listeners from the beginning to the end. Touching on themes such as love, longing, disdain, and escape, it’s easy to be taken away by this entrancing work of art.
Running away with Amy’s haunting echoes in ANOTHER WAY and leaving all our worries behind with the soothing electronica beats in Chills, we finally return to the comfort of our warm and loving homes in Verona. Lastlings join a list of talented, young artists from Queensland (think JOY., Eves the Behaviour, and Wafia) who have breathed new life into the Australian pop music scene.

Unreality marks the first chapter for Lastlings and from the sounds of it, they have only scratched the surface of what they’re capable of. It will be exciting to see how their sound evolves as we head further into 2016. Definitely expect to see them on the line-ups for a number of festivals. For now, jump onto their SoundCloud, hit play, and get carried away by Lastlings.

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