Did you ever think you’d see Barney the Dinosaur rap Biggie’s Get Money?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. It’s time to get REKT. After midday it’s fair game to crack open a tinnie and get wild, this is Australia after all. So what better way to get in the mood for the party end of the week than with The Notorious B.I.G‘s Get Money? And why not up the ante and have everyone’s favourite purple reptile Barney the Dinosaur rap it instead?

Get Money Barney the dinosaur

That’s right folks, the big, lovable, sexually ambiguous dinosaur can in fact spit some tight rhymes, and it’s fkn amazing. The video in question comes from Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn, who edited old clips of the Barney and Friends show, syncing Barney rapping Get Money with the video surfacing on YouTube via its merchant bar earlier this morning.

First seen on Pedestrian.