Need an escape but don’t have the coin? Ocean Alley will take you to paradise with Holiday

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Ocean Alley have unleashed yet another sweltering hot track to accompany their long awaited upcoming album, Lost Tropics. This psych-rock six-piece from Sydney’s Northern Beaches have incorporated all things Summer into their new single Holiday with an instant feel good vibe that will carry your senses to cloud nine.

surf rock

Hard week of work? Put it all behind you and unwind to the masters of chill vibes Ocean Alley and their new single Holiday.

The first few seconds of Holiday will instantly have you captivated, as the track opens with flowy, smooth guitar riffs followed by Baden Donegal’s soulful vocals. As the song plays out, the listener is taken on a nostalgic journey. With lyrics centred around warm summer nights, drinking, getting stoned and being in love, Holiday is a whirlwind of positive vibes that capture those feelings of carefree happiness that one can only experience when on holiday.

The whole idea behind Holiday was basically just trying to give everyone a little insight on what Ocean Alley’s best times together are,” says Donegal. “We usually try and get a few trips away together up the north coast which always involves a lot of surfing, drinking and mischief wherever we can fit it in.”

The upbeat rhythm and tropical vibes will have you head bopping and singing along to the catchy lyrics, “Carry me home, ‘cause I’m on holiday,” which you won’t be able to shake from your head for days later. Holiday breaks away from Ocean Alley’s usual fusion of psych-rock and reggae, dabbling in the depths of bluesy surf-rock. “We went for some pretty mellow surfy guitar tones on this one and kept the grove with the organ, bass and drums,” says bass guitarist, Nic Blom.

The riff also adds a wonky feel-good vibe to the mix, whilst the backup vocals in the bridge capture the sunshine on a nice day.” Almost everyone will be empathising with Baden’s accurate interpretation of the silly summer season, with playful lyrics such as, “A glass of champagne as the day begins” and “My shoes are on the wrong feet again.”

The intentions were supposed to give the listener the feelings of a hot summers arvo with your best mates and cold beverage in hand,” Baden explains, “It’s a pretty feel good track but also just good to kick back and veg out too.”

Holiday paints a visual of sunshine and good times, and is the perfect soundtrack to sipping a pina colada whilst lying on the beach. The new track is just a taste of what is to come from Ocean Alley’s upcoming record, Lost Tropics with album title indicating we may be hearing more of a surf-rock vibe from these boys and a possible fusion of genres.