PREMIERE: White Lodge’s Labour of Love is the more realistic version of Almost Famous

White Lodge is back with their latest single Labour Of Love and it comes with a cool and very ‘White Lodge’ video clip. The band, if you are yet to discover them, is your classic QLD based, 60s inspired garage punk outfit.

Labour of Love

Lo-fi garage, destruction and shoe beers. It’s just another day on the road for White Lodge. These larrakins are up to their old tricks in Labour of Love.

Hudson, Jonny, Harry, and Jordan have continued their motif of mashed up clips and fuzzy riffs to draw us back into their world of wacky innuendos. The clip plays like archaic footage of a band on tour, as if it was discovered in a time capsule in the far future. ‘What was life in the early 2000’s like for an Australian band?’ people would ask in their living room on Mars. What our descendants will discover is a band who laid their roots in scrappy garage tunes and a tendency for goofy shenanigans.

The clip starts off with, what seems like a recording from the old VHS player hiding in your garage, showing the band playing a live show before quickly interjecting with a small insert of the band chilling out on tour…well I mean they are in a car at the gas station. That’s what you do when you’re on tour right? Like, that’s what they did in Almost Famous.

The music video continues like this for a while swapping between shots of the band playing shows and living the rock star life. You know what that’s like, well basically it’s like hanging out with your mates, drinking out of shoes, rolling down hills and smelling the sunflowers. Literally. You get to see what White Lodge when they aren’t delivering you awesome beats and trashy lyrics. It’s all very ‘Behind the Music’ without the messy band breakup and being swindled out of all their money by their manager. Well, not yet anyway.

For those diehard fans that loved their previous clip Beach Coma you will be delighted to hear that the beloved Stratocaster makes an appearance. The clip flashes backwards in time to that happy place on the beach and the beautiful red guitar is dug out of the sand, if only it knew its fate.

White Lodge have stayed true to their sound in this new song and kept that rolling in the clip. It’s old school and its classic nature reminds you of a simpler time, before BluRay and 3D TVs. White Lodge may not be as polished as some of the other bands coming out of the woodwork lately but I think that’s part of their charm.