Hear the cast of ‘Almost Famous’ reunite for a 20th anniversary podcast

Back in May, we announced that the cast and crew of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous would be reuniting in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the iconic 2000 film.

Well, now the day has arrived and you can listen to five glorious podcast episodes featured on James Andrew Miller’s Origins. 

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Hear the cast and crew of the iconic rock and roll romance Almost Famous reunite in celebration of the film’s 20th anniversary.

The oral history podcast features Miller interviewing members of the cast and crew, including Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Zooey Deschanel, Jimmy Fallon, Frances McDormand, Jason Lee, Patrick Fugit, and Peter Frampton, as well as Crowe himself. Nancy Wilson from the band Heart, who co-wrote the film’s music alongside Frampton, also makes an appearance.

The episodes are full of juicy behind the scenes stories and insights, including Hudson revealing just how much the film changed her life: “I probably don’t go a week without someone telling me what Penny Lane is to them, what Almost Famous is to them.”

At another point, Crowe reveals that Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman read for the roles of Russell Hammond and Penny Lane, respectively, and that Pitt was the first choice for his part. When he dropped out, Crowe allegedly “wept”. 

“I think in the back of my brain, I knew that he had never fully fallen in love with the character,” Crowe describes. “He had fallen in love with the idea of the character. But, maybe there just wasn’t enough on the page.”

Previously, Miller’s podcast has featured cast and crew from shows including Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Saturday Night Live, and ESPN.

Check out the five episodes of the podcast here.