Sega unveils the Astro City Mini arcade machine

After disappearing from the game console scene for almost two decades, Sega has been on quite the hot streak lately. Recently, they announced Game Gear Micro, then floated a plan to use their existing fleet of arcade machines as a game-streaming server farm. The next big thing is on a micro scale. They’ve just announced the upcoming release of the Astro City Mini arcade machine.

Complete with a built-in screen and six-button-plus-joystick configuration, it’ll be loaded with 36 classic titles, including Virtua Fighter, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe and more. Sega Astro City Mini aracde machine, games, gaming, gaming news

The glory days of Sega consoles are long gone, but they’ve made quite a comeback, albeit on a micro scale. Their latest offering: the Astro City Mini arcade machine.

Fortunately for players, they won’t necessarily need to rely on the tiny screen and controls for the full experience. There is an HDMI output for connecting to a larger screen and two USB outputs for connecting external controllers, which will be sold separately.

Of the 36 promised titles, 10 have already been announced. These include Virtua Fighter, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Alienstorm, Alien Syndrome, Columns II, Dark Edge, Puzzle & Action: Tant-R and the bonafide classic action-platformer, Altered Beast.

The Astro City Mini arcade machine is slated for release in Japan later this year. Availability elsewhere is yet to be confirmed.