Brad Pitt graced Frank Ocean with his presence and Spike Jonze captured it all on camera

Last week, Spike Jonze made headlines after filming Frank Ocean‘s set at the recent Lovebox Festival using a handheld.


He’s worked with the Beastie Boys, Weezer, Sonic Youth and many more artists on music videos. After two live shoots, it’s obvious Spike Jonze and Frank Ocean are up to something.

This time, Jonze had a party trick that no one expected, resulting in a mass melting of hearts. Well, one can only assume this when Brad Pitt popped up on the stage screens. 

The famous US actor was pretending to talk on the phone as Ocean sung two covers, a version  Stevie Wonder’s Close to You along with Never Say Goodbye by Jackson 5.  

Pitt, reportedly an Ocean fan, praised him in a recent interview commending his talent, raw honesty and how very special he considers the singer to be.

Check out the below video to watch Pitt’s mimed phone call during Ocean’s performance.