Paul McCartney is killing the Westboro Baptist Church with kindness after a dad-worthy Instagram prank

If everyone wasn’t hyped enough that Paul McCartney is coming to Sydney this December, the former Beatle and British music icon has delivered in excellence yet again. This time he had a worthy target: the Westboro Baptist Church.

With being arguably one of the world’s best songwriters already tucked neatly under his belt, it seems that Paul has turned to Instagram to fill a burning desire to leave his mark.

Paul McCartney Westboro Baptist Church

Paul McCartney proves that he is not only the songbird of our dreams but is brimming with choice banter. Cop that, Westboro Baptist Church.

After being welcomed at his Kansas show by the infamous Westboro Baptist Church and their gang of bigoted picketers, Paul took it upon himself to doctor the signs after the fact, creating a peaceful and promotional piece of Instagram gold.

The effects you can see below:

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