Dig up some mysteriously refined garage rock with Mining Boom

Dig up some mysteriously refined garage rock with Mining Boom

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Take a teaspoon of Robert Plant, a cup of Australian garage powerhouse Eddie Current Supression Ring, a dash of BAD//DREEMS with a sprinkle of mystery and you get Mining Boom; a brotherhood of musicians hailing from Perth playing some refined, somewhat sophisticated, slightly experimental garage tunes.

Mining Boom introduction

Mining Boom are a mysterious bunch. With little to go on from the world wide web, we excavated all we could about the shady past of these garage rockers.

Australia is fast becoming home to some pretty great synth infused rock, with bands like Mining Boom proving that you can take a bunch of sounds you’re really diggin’, put it together on a sweet program you’ve got on your laptop and make some tunes that people will want to hear live.

Alongside fellow Aussie rockers like Flowertruck, Hannahband, White Hex, Pearls and The Smith Street Band, there’s a little pocket of Australian music that is taking elements from an array of genres sitting under the broad spectrum of ‘rock’ to make an eclectic, banging wave of music. Mining Boom, alongside some of their stellar peers, are sitting smack bang in the centre of some pretty great attention.

Guitarist, vocalist, main songwriter and bedroom-musical-engineer Paul French claims that the Mining Boom sound grew from a number of different seeds. With a lack of local musical influence, the band did the only thing that a creative force can do and shaped a sound they wished existed. From here, the band’s first demo tape Dining Room, now a legacy of early recordings, came to fruition after Paul began experimenting with his new recording equipment. Add their artistic powers to the World Wide Web, and voila, Perth had yet another band to add to it’s burgeoning list of killer bands. 

Then they did what any band from the Western wing of Australia would do and relocated to Melbourne.* Paul and his band brothers Brendan McCarthy (drums), Jed Stone (Bass) and Snowy Nasdaq (keys) built a studio in Brunswick East where they are putting the finishing touches on their debut album TAFE, due out late later this year, with a plan to release a single on their return from their imminent tour with BAD//DREEMS.

Having created a sound that didn’t exist in their corner of the world and putting it together in Paul’s home studio to touring with bands like Pearls, BAD//DREEMS, Beef Jerk and Doctopus, Mining Boom have definitely paid a large chunk of their musical dues. Positioned in a musical movement that is set to build faster than Ozzy Osbourne’s 1970s coke addition, Mining Boom are a band you need to add to your list of ‘bands I must experience in 2015’.

*Not entirely sure that’s fair to all our other amaze balls WA friends.

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