Dillastrate deliver a soulful summer anthem on Vibe With You

New Zealand’s Dillastrate are back with a bang on their latest and greatest; a soulful single titled Vibe With You. 

The third track off their upcoming debut self-titled record, Vibe With You follows on from If I Was and Better Than This, both released earlier this year.

Dillastrate return with Vibe With You, a completely irresistible feel-good jam and the third offering off their upcoming album.

Co-written and co-produced by Dillastrate and Ben Malone, Vibe With You was recorded between Auckland’s Parachute and BigPop studios. Undeniably soulful, the track is a slow-burning groove. There’s something classic about it, more so than their previous two singles which have a more contemporary lean.

But that isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, that’s what makes Vibe With You so great. It’s a feel-good track, a nod to the Stevie Wonders and Michael Jacksons who comprise their influences, and there’s nothing not to love about it. With groovy sliding bass, mellow synths, and incredibly infectious vocals, Vibe With You pulls you into a place you’ll never want to leave.

It’s interesting then that the lyrics delve into a not so feel-good subject matter. Speaking on them, Tim describes how the song is about a man who is treated badly by his partner and simply accepts it, hoping that one day it will change – a situation he says everyone has witnessed at some point.

“It also touches on the stigmatised subject of the battered man in the hopes of starting a discussion and getting it out into the open. The juxtaposition between the lyrical content and the upbeat, happy groove shows the willing ignorance of the man in this situation and his naivety in the face of an abusive partner.”

What comes through in the music is the affection and yearning felt by the person towards the other. That feeling is cemented in the chorus lyrics: “I just want to vibe with ya, spend a little time with ya / If every single night’s with ya, that would be alright.” 

It’s an instant earworm and a sentiment everyone can relate to – simply, being in love, and wanting to spend time with that person.

Their debut album is due out December 6 and is certain to be a treat, promising “late night slow jams, bleeding heart ballads and wonky sideways grooves.” 

For more info, head over to Dillastrate’s website.