The Epstein memes just keep getting better

Jeffrey Epstein is the name that spawned a million memes.

Quick recap: Epstein was a rich and powerful person with many rich and powerful friends. That is until he was jailed on some pretty heinous charges earlier this year. Every rich and powerful friend—a list that included the Clintons, the British Royal family, and Bill Gates to name a few—distanced themselves with a vigour that the bourgeoisie are not accustomed to.

And then he “hung himself” in a manner that was a little too convenient for some of the world’s most influential and powerful people, many of whom had visited Epstein’s notorious “Paedophile Island” in the Caribbean.

Photo by Getty Images

But the internet does what the internet does, and now “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” has become the biggest meme of the year, and it’s only getting stronger.

It started simple enough:


There is even some quality merch in time for your last-minute Christmas shopping:

Despite a (now presumably very wealthy) coroner’s report claiming Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell, the general public are calling straight-up bullshit.

Even Fox News isn’t safe from the meme’s reach:

But alas, the “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme may have just been won by a Californian beer makers Tactical Ops Brewing, who’ve taken it one step further by printing it on cans of beer:

54 packs of their Basher Oatmeal stout will carry the now-famous sentence – a dark joke for a dark beer.

With no one solving the mystery (officially) anytime soon, maybe Scooby-Doo might have a crack at it.

Let’s just hope they don’t suffer the same fate as Epstein.

Next Up: Who is Ghislaine Maxwell and what role does she play in the Jeffrey Epstein case?