With a rad Stevie Wonder Cover, Chance the Rapper brought the tiny house down at his Tiny Desk Concert

Damn, Chance the Rapper is such a dude. Since the release of his debut album Colouring Book last year he’s done nothing but straight-up good, proving himself as not only a musician, but a humanitarian too.

Plus, he pulls off a cap harder than anyone else on the planet. What a boss.

chance the rapper stevie wonder cover npr tiny desk concert

Poetry, comedy and a Stevie Wonder cover. Chance the Rapper showed us what a Tiny Desk Concert should be all about yesterday.

After declaring that he has been a longtime fan of the Tiny Desk series, Chance went on to explain he wanted his performance to be different. That it definitely was.

Kicking off with Juke Jam, a cut from his album, the mood was already electric. His band, despite looking like Chance picked them up on the way to the concert, seem like a seriously chill collection of musos.

Chance followed it up with a left-field choice, some poetry he wrote on the way to the concert. For a last minute stitch job, it’s pretty spectacular. He called it The Other Side.

Finishing with a bang, the band started up a downplayed rendition of Stevie Wonder’s 1974 jam They Won’t Go When I Go, apparently an exclusive listen for the concert.

Via NPR.