Suss out the latest playlist from Obama featuring curation by Chance the Rapper, Mavis Staples and more

Although he did cop some flack from audiohiles for his vinyl set up, everyone knows President Obama has an endearing relationship with music.

While his time in the office has ended, The Obama Foundation is continuing his Spotify tradition with a string of playlists compiled of songs that remind listeners of home.

Obama isn’t letting go of his Spotify playlists, with his newest ‘hometown’ mix curated by a bunch of musicians, actors and politicians on what Chicago means to them.

It features submissions from musicians Chance the Rapper, John Prine, Mavis Staples, Jennifer Hudson as well as Blues Brothers actor Dan Aykroyd and Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman.

Chance The Rapper chose Family Business by Kanye West because, as he says, is the “perfect song to come home to. It reminds me how important it is to be home. This is the last song on the first album I ever bought. For all the great people in Chicago, the best ones are your family.”

Actor Nick Offerman picked Get Behind The Mule & Come On Up To The House by Tom Waits, saying “My #1 Chicago band will always be Wilco, but this playlist makes me think of my years with the Defiant Theatre in the ’90s, when our work was deeply inspired by Tom Waits. His album Mule Variations includes these two songs, which make me think of the familial pride we took in our ambitious theater work.”

You can contribute your special unique playlist here too.