Pres. Obama has shown off his vinyl setup, and the audiophiles aren’t too happy about it

We’re going to miss old mate Barack Obama. He may have copped some fair criticism in his time, but there’s absolutely no doubting that he just seems like a dude you want to be friends with. Whether he’s chilling in the oval office with Kendrick Lamar or spitting

We’ve known POTUS is a music fan for a while, but recently he revealed his turntable setup to the world, courtesy of Architectural Digest. After some digestion and a fine-needle biopsy of the gear, speaker placement and record collection in the photo, there’s been little else but criticism.

obama vinyl

Even Obama plays vinyl. But, according to a horde of internet ‘experts’, he’s doing absolutely everything wrong about it.

As identified on Reddit, the deck is a Denon DP-300F, connected to what appears to be a set of wireless Bluetooth Kanto YU5s, and under the table is a subwoofer that could be an Audioengine S8. Check out the photo below:

obama vinyl setup

According to hordes of internet audiophiles, this is just a travesty. Placing your speakers and subwoofer on the same table as your record player can cause feedback, so Obama is another victim of bad speaker placement.

His speakers are weak, his monitor game is awful, the list goes on.

Just let the man listen to some vinyls.

Via FACT Mag.