Dinosaur Jr song tops Japan's Billboard charts after 25 years

A Dinosaur Jr song from 1994 has made a baffling appearance in Japan’s Billboard charts

Dinosaur Jr’s song Over Your Shoulder hit the Billboard Japan charts this week, coming in at #18 in the Hot 100. The song is the closing track to Dinosaur Jr’s 1994 album Without A Sound, and at 25 years old, there’s no real explanation for its sudden popularity in Japan.

According to a Billboard report this week, the song garnered the majority of its plays via Youtube, reaching 8.1 million views over seven days. This meant it topped the Hot Overseas Chart, and ranked higher in the regular Hot 100 countdown than Western artists such as Ariana Grande and Queen.

Over Your Shoulder has not been reissued in Japan recently, and the song was never released as a single. There is no traceable meme or viral video that could account for its unforeseen online fame, leaving the source of  the 8.1 million Youtube hits a mystery.

In the report, Billboard stated they were unable to trace the exact Youtube video in question, however there has been speculation that the song’s recent play in popular Japanese TV shown Gachinko Fight Club could be responsible.

Queen are also enjoying an untimely popularity in Japan’s Hot Overseas Chart due to the recent Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, holding five spots in the chart’s top 10 rankings.

Albeit baffling, props to Dinosaur Jr for staying relevant.