Discover the sinister synth-pop sounds of NANA SPAM’s new single Bless

Melbourne synth-pop trio NANA SPAM have dished up a serving of sinister home-cooked bedroom electronica with their latest track Bless, complete with all the delicious trimmings of sensuality, intensity and catharsis.

NANA SPAM have, in their latest track Bless, perfectly encapsulated that secretive, unfurling feeling of sensuality that makes DIY bedroom music so voyeuristic to consume.

NANA SPAM’s signature sound is an aural collage of 80’s new wave and contemporary electronica, taking heed from muses New Order, Eurythmics, Grimes and SOPHIE. Made up of James McNiece, Amber Blackwell and Kitty Chrystal, the music of NANA SPAM is darkly personal, drawing on themes of queerness, transforming shame and using anger as a map.

Mixed and mastered by local ‘cool girl aunty of techno’ Simona Castricum, Bless was written shortly after the band formed in 2017. The band had been nurturing their creative output from behind the scenes until their debut track Taste was released back in March.

Shot and edited by Grace Hardy, the clip for Bless is dominated by nefarious With The Beatles-esque visuals. It is mysterious, slightly out of kilter, and totally mesmerising. Check it out below:

While NANA SPAM have no shows coming up in the foreseeable future, keep your eyes peeled for their debut EP Infinite which has a release planned for the coming months.