“It was something I felt I had to write”: Get lost in the dreamy debut release from The Alexander’s Band

Perth based artist, Alex Halsey has just unveiled his first full release as a solo act with his mesmerising Post – Love LP. Following the release of his other-worldly debut single In The Summer I Know, The Rain Will Go, The Alexander’s Band continue his thread of utterly dreamy releases.

Post – Love was something I felt I had to write. It came at a low period of my life having lost love. The emotion was the main drive, talking and writing about it really helped me reflect and move on which I think people will relate to.”

The Alexander’s Band new debut LP Post- Love, is a stunning combination of textured, psych-tinged soundscapes, and an ethereal synthesis of ambient, obscured vocal tones.

The Post – Love LP’s intended authentic and experimental expression is evident in the unique production quality and raw, emotional sentiment attached to release. The final result is a breathtaking, deeply evocative narrative of personal experience and hardship.

“I recorded ‘Post – Love’ entirely at my home studio over the past year or so. It touches on a personal level showing a dark period of my life. The album flows up and down between dreamy acoustic melodies to much bigger, more experimental love songs”

Alex Halsey recently revealed to X-press magazine that the debut solo release was a form of meditative catharsis for him as a composer.

“As the title suggests, the album was written after a bad breakup I went through a few years ago. The songs all have this dark feeling over them although it’s not really all about being sad, the songs are more directed at being honest with yourself or the situation you’re in so you can get over it. I guess at the time of writing, it was to help me.”

Listening to the Post- Love from The Alexander’s Band comes as an inimitable and completely spell-binding listening experience. There is a reality shifting quality to the progression of the LP that seems to immerse anyone lucky enough to be listening into the mindset of Halsey himself.

“An optical phenomenon occurring when light and water, reflect at certain angles creating two rainbows; the second being a mirror image of the first. Its colours are reversed, and light which is deviated at greater angles brightens the sky outside the bows. Between the two bows lies an area of unlit sky known as “The Alexander’s Band”, a place between rainbows.”

Stream the full Post – Love LP below

“I recorded it over a year in my home studio so I had a lot of freedom, Always adding and changing things. The songs started out quite simple but as time went on the layers kept building which then gave the songs a coherent sound.”

The Alexander’s Band will be holding an album launch for the Post – Love LP at the Bird tonight, click here for details!