Already over 2018? Dive back into the 1950s with Ashleigh Watson

Lovers of soul and Motown alike, you’ll want to feast your ears on LA-based lady of soul and alternative-pop, Ashleigh Watson.

Originally from Melbourne and former member of world-famous girl band Sweethearts, Watson kicked off her musical career at age 14 by performing at the esteemed Porretta Soul Festival Italy and Montreaux Jazz Festival Switzerland.

With a background in jazz and passion for motown and soul, Watson made her way to LA in 2016 to record latest single Little Love with famed producer, Warren Huart.

Little Love is a modern reflection of eras gone by, in particular the ’50s. Bursting with catchy lyrics and retro-soul infused melodies, it will make your heart melt.

Thematically Little Love explores exactly what the title describes; of having only small encounters with love across a lifetime instead of finding the one.

Of the track, Watson says “I’ve always felt like an old soul and through my music I want to honour the classics of the iconic ’50s – the fashion and the beauty, but most of all, the honesty behind the music.”

Before landing in LA, Watson completed a course at Hollywood Immersive Music where she had the opportunity of working with music industry legends such as Steven Memel, Lilly Dawson and Mike Flanders, as well as songwriting with Robyn Fredrick.

Since working as a session vocalist on The Voice and X-Factor, Watson has also worked with a number of Melbourne-based musical acts. Since the release of Little Love, Watson is keeping the dream alive by continuing to write her own original music, with more retro-inspired tunes to come from this talented musical force.

Nostalgic of Amy Winehouse with ballroom trumpets and sassy tambourine, Little Love is a combination of powerful vocals, intriguing lyricism and catchy melodies that instantly put Watson on the ‘one to watch’ radar.