Watch Tiana Khasi deliver a flawless live rendition of Georgia's Track

PREMIERE: Buttery soul, smooth grooves and fiery rhymes: Tiana Khasi delivers a flawless live rendition of Georgia’s Track

Sometimes fieriness emerges in the most unexpected of places.

Tiana Khasi has just dropped a ridiculously slick live rendition of her tune Georgia’s Track – filmed and recorded at Brisbane’s Alchemix Studios – a currently unreleased gem from her forthcoming EP.

It’s a silky track, imbued with soul and jazz inflections that immediately grab your attention. But for all its sultry butteriness and smooth grooves, there’s a fire burning throughout the performance, and it doesn’t take much to see it shine through.

Tiana Khasi

Watch Tiana Khasi breeze through a ridiculously smooth rendition of her tune Georgia’s Track live Alchemix Studios in Brisbane.

Hailing from the Sunshine State, with a colourful heritage threading back to the hidden hills of India and the sands of Samoa, Tiana Khasi is leading the charge in Australian neo-soul.

Possessing a voice as venomous as it is honey-sweet, Khasi is cool and collected in the studio. With poise and grace she commands the room, hands curling around the microphone as she weaves together sass and poeticism with equal measure.

A trained jazz vocalist, Khasi has already lent her considerable talents to a bunch of adored Australian producers. You might recognise her voice from The Kite String Tangle’s heartbreaker Stone Cold, or Golden Vessel’s 2015 tune Borrowed Time

More recently she’s been working with Sampology, lending her voice on Thicker Than Water from his 2016 EP, Natural Selections. And the two are currently collaborating on Khasi’s highly anticipated debut EP.

Despite these creative alliances, she’s no stranger to performing under her own terms. As a member of 7-piece jazz/hip-hop collective The Astro Travellers, she’s a seasoned songwriter and arranger – something that shines through on Georgia’s Track. 

The narrative is delivered without ambiguity or oblique references to intangible experiences. Everything Khasi is saying is real, and its laid out in front of you in bites and whispers.

Lines cast their hooks and reel you in, rhymes emerge in unexpected places, and by the end, as she finally bids farewell to a wayward lover, you can’t help but ponder who the fuck was Georgia?

Tiana Khasi will be headlining second edition of Oaklands this weekend, an all-day affair organised by hip-hop preachers Strictly For The Heads. You won’t want to miss her.

She’ll be hitting the Sun Set at 4pm, with Miss Blanks headlining the Moon Set at 6:25pm.

Catch them both alongside Tiana KhasiZ. LEWISJayCeeJon Do£APEmanG Elenil and Blaq Carrie. They’ll also be displaying photo work courtesy of Ren Scurville and art by Matt Johnson.

Oaklands II kicks off 2pm this Saturday August 5 at The Flying Cock, Fortitude Valley.

Jump over to the event for details!