Djokovic’s hearing exposed: The porn wasn’t even the main scandal

Turns out when the Livestream experienced tech issues, some of those included viewers hijacking the screen to show porn.

It certainly wasn’t your average court hearing yesterday. With just about every journalist trying to watch along, the server could not handle all the people requesting access and most people were met with a spinning wheel of death. Then after that, memes, music and porn.

Yup, for one of the most famous and official court hearings in Australia to be rife with tech issues… It says a lot about how far we’ve come.

Credit: PA Images

Just about all of Australia eagerly waited to find out what would happen to the very best tennis player in the world.

Of course, Djokovic won his appeal against the Australian government meaning he can leave his isolation at the Park Hotel and hopefully compete in the Australian Open.

It seems from around the 200 people logged into Microsoft Teams link for the Livestream court hearing, not all of them were put on mute and some even have access to mess with the screen.

Viewers reported hearing ‘silly noises’ and ‘techno, country and folk music’ while seeing memes and porn appear on the screen.

Apparently, according to Sydney Morning Herald reporter Sarah Danckert, this was because the court official who was meant to be moderating the Livestream left because they were having ‘trouble’ trying to mute all the trolls.

This meant anyone inside the stream was able to broadcast whatever they wanted.


The main scandal…

While this case has been seemingly juicy enough already with a little bit of extra spice for the viewers, documents revealed the tennis GOAT hadn’t been too well behaved recently.

According to the court documents released on Monday, Novak Djokovic knew he had tested positive for COVID-19 when he visited children last month.

Djokovic submitted documents to the court confirming his most recent COVID diagnosis which occurred on December 16.

What’s a little awkward for old Novak is that two days later he was pictured with children, without a mask, accepting a ‘Serbian Stamp’.

At this stage, Djokovic hasn’t commented on the kinda super shitty thing to do and we’re not sure if he even will.