People on Reddit are sharing their secret ‘god tier’ grocery items

Reddit users are sharing their secret ‘game changing’ grocery items and as always, the community of Reddit have well and truly delivered.

A post by Reddit user u/twistiesNOTguns asked the people of Australia to share their lesser-known ‘god tier’ grocery items.

Here are some of our favourite comments.

The most popular comment belongs to u/impressive_cat, who found a mayo so good that everything else just won’t cut it.

Credit: Isa Zapata & Micah Morton

There was this user who refuses to believe people would knowingly enter the health aisle.

If you’re in the market for some fancy seed crackers, look no further…

This one’s not really a secret but it definitely rings true.

Here’s some more biscuit love in the form of shortbread.

No clue why Barbecue sauce needs an estimated time of arrival but the comments would suggest that it makes a good sauce.

Apparently, the best goat’s cheese money can buy?

And finally, being blamed for “covid kilos”, it’s Belgian delicacy… Biscoff spread.

Safe to say, there’s plenty of new snacks and sauces that we need to taste test ASAP.