Doja Cat fan uses bomb threat to skip concert queue

A man has been arrested in Indianapolis after making a bomb threat in an attempt to skip the line to enter a Doja Cat concert.

The unnamed man was waiting to enter the Monument Circle where Doja Cat was set to headline a free show, where he told people standing near him that he had a bomb in his backpack.

The crowd cleared the area for about 20 minutes after the threat, so the plan kinda worked for a second, but it didn’t last long because he was quickly arrested by Police and missed the show altogether.

Doja Cat
Credit: Getty Images

The concert went ahead as planned once the Police determined that it was an empty threat and the man’s backpack was “clean”.

Following the arrest, Deputy Chief Joshua Barker put himself in the running for understatement of the month, telling the press that the man, “exercised very poor judgement”.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMDP) released a statement to social media to update the public regarding the arrest. They disclosed that “the man had unrelated outstanding warrants and was immediately arrested for those”.

At the time the statement was released, the man remained in Police custody.

So next time you’re scheming to skip a queue, maybe stick to the old ‘pretending you know someone up the front’ trick.