Doja Cat says she hasn’t touched a ciggie since a bad acid trip

Trying to quit smoking? Doja Cat reckons an acid trip helped her ditch her cigarette habit, and she’ll never touch the things again.

In a recent interview with US Rolling Stone, Doja Cat talked Planet Her, the throws of pop stardom, and naturally, for the I Don’t Do Drugs singer, drugs.

Apparently, a bad trip helped her kick her cigarette addiction. There’s actually been evidence for a while now suggesting LSD’s therapeutic capabilities, and how it might help with addiction.

Doja Cat via Facebook

“Acid was a wonderful experience for me, but I felt I didn’t need it after a while,” Doja Cat said in the Rolling Stone interview. “My last trip was a bad trip, but it made me quit a lot of my habits.”

“I was smoking lots of cigarettes. But I quit smoking because of the acid I took. I haven’t been able to smoke a cigarette since then. It’s unbearable to smoke one. It’s very interesting how that worked.” 

After Doja Cat was suspected of doing coke during an Instagram live last year, with fans concerned by how much she was wiping her nose (ever heard of hay fever?), she all but stated she doesn’t really touch drugs anymore:

“I don’t do coke. I don’t even smoke weed anymore…The only reason I do the nose thing is because it’s freezing and I don’t wear clothes.” She said.

It’s been pretty well researched since all the way back to the 50s that psychedelic drugs can affect the structure and function of the brain, and promote the growth of neurons.

It could have beneficial effects as a therapy for a variety of mental health conditions, including addictions, but there seems to still be residual fear from the war against the acid fuelled counter-culture of the 60s, and the concurrent view that such drugs turn you into a psychotic menace to society.

Anyway, we’re glad to hear tripping hard helped Doja Cat quit the death sticks. You love to see it.