Donald Glover’s Atlanta has been renewed for a fourth season

Creative kingpin Donald Glover, better known in the music community under his moniker Childish Gambino, is turning the right heads with his TV series Atlanta. Despite the fact that cameras haven’t even started rolling on the show’s third season, a big green light has been given to produce season four.

Set to kick off at the start of 2020, both seasons will be filmed back to back due to the artist’s hectic schedule. Between high profile film roles and live performances, it’s crazy that Glover has the time to write, produce, direct AND star in the smash hit.

It’s no surprise that Donald Glover’s Atlanta connected with such a large audience, but getting the green light on a fourth season before the third has been shot is seriously impressive!

The show tells the tale of two cousins working their way through the Georgian town’s rap scene, with Glover’s character ‘Earn’ acting as the manager to ‘Paper Boi’s’ newfound success. Seething in the reality of the Atlanta hip-hop scene, the show relays how artists such as OutKast’s Andre 3000 and Big Boi cut their teeth.

The news probably comes across bittersweet to fans hanging out for new content. The show’s second season premiered early 2018, so the fact that no new episodes have been filmed is a bit of a gut punch! With everything that’s come before, however, it’s evident that good things come to those who wait. The last two seasons delivered on such a high critical and commercial level, so a bit of extra TLC can’t possibly be a bad thing.

So for now, it looks like we’re holding tight until the back end of 2020 for new Atlanta. Until then, there’s always reruns.